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Twist-Surface604 Electric Bike Twist - Surface 604

The Surface 604 - Twist Electric Bike

Twist is built for daily commuters looking for some extra momentum to get them to work quickly or cruise, easily and in comfort.

List Price: $1,999.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
Surface 604 Boar Surface 604 Boar

The Boar from Surface 604 is a powerful fat cargo bike for mountain and other outdoor use.

The Boar comes fully loaded with every feature needed to make riding effortless.

List Price: $2,599.00
2020 Haibike XDURO FULLFATSIX 10.0 Haibike XDURO FULLFATSIX 10.0

The SUV among off-road bikes: The XDURO FullFatSix 10.0 is a monster truck with full suspension that doesn’t compromise on comfort or safety. Its 4" tires, 120mm travel and powerful disc brakes give you maximum traction and safety on any ground – and put a broad grin on your face at the same time.

List Price: $5,799.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
2020 Haibike XDURO FATSIX 8.0 Haibike XDURO FATSIX 8.0

Our XDURO FatSix 8.0 is a real traction monster that shows its true nature in snow, mud and sand. Its 4” tires ensure optimum grip to master even the most difficult terrain while putting a broad grin on your face. High quality components such as the 11-speed SRAM NX gear combination and RockShox Bluto suspension fork and the powerful Yamaha PW-SE motor do the rest.

List Price: $4,199.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |

iGo Outland - Royal iGo Outland - Royal

Multipurpose all weather powerful electric folding fat tire bike. The ROYAL will take you from the forest, through the trees, to the office, golf course, and still do the shopping.

List Price: $2,199.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
iGo Outland - Oka iGo Outland - Oka

Through snow, sleet, sand or gravel – the OUTLAND OKA’s quick handling and unrivalled versatility makes every ride an adventure. There is no limit to where the OKA can take you.

List Price: $2,699.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
Bintelli M1 eBike Bintelli M1

The Bintelli M1 can tackle any terrain! Whether it is snow or sand, wet or dry, the M1 Electric Fat Bike is the king of the trail. The M1 comes equipped with an LCD screen display, a powerful 750 watt motor, a 48 volt Samsung battery, extra fat tires, and many other impressive standard features.

List Price: $1,999.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
iGo Outland - Extrem 3.0 iGo Outland - Extreme 3.0

It is built to excel wherever and whenever there is a will to ride. Feature rich, with immense power at your fingertips, rolling on some of the largest fat bike tires available in North America.

List Price: $1,899.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |