Thanks to all of our loyal customers, we have out-grown our current location. We are doubling our Retail Store size to better serve you and display more Electric Bikes for you to choose from!

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Stromer Electric Bikes Stromer has the most sophisticated and high tech bike on the market today. The Stromer ST2 is always connected using a smart phone app. It has anti-theft technology that will automatically disable the bike if if is taken by a thief. The actual riding performance of the ST2 is awesome and worth the investment. Rounding out the Stromer Line-up are the very popular ST1 Platinum with a 28 MPH top end and the ST1 Elite that has great low end torque for hilly areas.

Pedego Electric Bikes Pedego is one of the most respected brands in the US. They made their name with some of the most popular and comfortable beach cruisers and commuters on the market. Over the last couple of years, Pedego has advanced their model lineup to include many more specialty models to fill in the gaps to fit every rider. They have a 7-speed Trail Tracker that will conquer any off-road terrain and their latest Boomerang models with the lowest step-thru design on the market. All of them are great electric bikes with excellent performance.

OHM Electric Bikes All of the OHM models are powered by BionX. They are one of the OEM partners of BionX and their 2015 lineup has some beautiful electric bikes to choose from. The most exciting models are equipped with the latest BionX D500 series motor that provides 28 MPH top end and outstanding range between charges. OHM uses very high end components and offers both off-road models and commuters style electric bikes. They have all the accessories included for a fast and comfortable ride to and from work. All BionX motors also offer regenerative braking as well.

BionX Conversion Kits BionX, the best Electric Bike Conversion Kit on the market...period! You simply cannot get better quality, performance and technology from any other brand. With a BionX kit, you can turn almost any standard bicycle into an electric bike. BionX has kits with 350 Watt and 500 Watt motors and various battery and wheel configurations to fit almost any quality bicycle. If you are currently riding a bike, you really love, let us electrify it for you with a BionX Kit.

Click Here for Haibike Xduro Performance Bikes The Haibike brand from Currie features mid-drive motors from world class motor manufacturer BOSCH. With the Haibike brand, Currie has developed a top-of-the-line group of electric bikes with outstanding quality and performance. Their off-road models are just awesome and they are already making a name for themselves on the trails. However, their street and road models are hitting all the right marks with the every day commuter who wants the best in style, quality and performance. These bikes are simply great!

Currie iZip Electric Bikes Another top-selling brand from Currie is the IZIP. With models priced in the mid-range category, most riders will find a perfect match whether they are looking for a beach cruiser like the Zuma, a fast 28 MPH road bike like the Dash or a great off-road performer like the Peak. Also, don't forget the perfect commuter model, the Path Plus. IZIP has a model for just about anyone and they come with quality components and great value.

eFlow Electric Bikes by Currie The third brand that Currie features is the eFlow. Branded as "The Bike With Wings". It has the hi-speed performance and great components of other bikes costing much more. If you want a model with a high-torque motor for hilly regions, they have it. If you want a model with hi-speed 28 MPH, they have it. With battery options up to 14.5 AH, you have plenty of range to enjoy your ride.

EZ Pedaler Electric Bikes EZ Pedaler electric bikes are based right in our backyard in NH. We've been selling the EZ Pedaler brand for many years and every one we sold, the customer has been thrilled. While not as popular as some of the larger national brands, the EZ Pedaler models are perfect for many riders. With one folding model and two standard style bikes, their focus on just a few models comes through with great features. Their most powerful model features a 500 Watt front hub motor and the two other models are equipped with a 350 Watt front hub motor. Very affordable and one of the better values on the market.

Neo - Easy Motion Electric Bikes Easy Motion Electric Bikes are designed with top end components and models that are great for off-road and plenty of others for street and performance enthusiasts. If you are looking for a hi-speed 28 MPH model. Easy Motion has two great bikes to choose from. Many of their models have rear hub motors, but they also have a line of electric bikes featuring the BOSCH mid-drive performance system. With a wide range of mountain bikes, commuter style bikes and road/performance electric bike, a selection from Easy Motion will never let you down!

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