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Made to fit your lifestyle
No matter how you ride, IZIP has a fun, fast, and efficient eBike for you. We’ve carefully designed each bike to ensure that it has the best technology and components for its purpose. We offer three different drive systems: the new Bosch system to deal with different off-road terrains and endless climbs. The Currie Electro-Drive® system to tackle hills and endure long rides.

The smooth speed of the Shimano STePS drive system to fly through city streets, or a comfortable bike to give your weekend rides a fun boost. You’ll find an IZIP eBike that has been specifically tailored to provide you with the best ride possible

As you commute to work, you will flatten hills, breeze past traffic, and cut your commute time drastically. Just one ride on this bicycle, you will find yourself saying, “Park the car and take the IZIP.”

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