Bosch Performance Line – Mid-Drive power systems with great torque plus 28 MPH top speed...

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Electric Bikes of New England is fully certified by Bosch to perform maintenance, diagnostics and repairs on the Bosch Performance Line of Electric bikes.

These high quality Bosch Mid-Drive systems will be some of the most popular electric bikes in 2015 and beyond.

Some of the industry leaders in top quality electric bikes are using the Bosch Performance Line on their offerings.

Currie Technologies offers the Haibike brand with many models to choose from, including great off-road and super commuter bikes.

Grace Bikes is also another top quality brand and some of their models include the Gates Carbon Drive system for a virtually quiet and maintenance free electric bike.

Be sure to contact our Bosch Performance Line expect and feel confident that your purchase will be a perfect match for your riding style.

The Bosch Performance Line system is comprised of three primary components...

  1. A 350 Watt Mid-Drive Motor that provides incredible torque to climb those tough hills and trails, but also a top speed of 28 MPH with hard pedaling with the Hi-Speed model.
  2. A state of the art Computer Console that is mounted on the center stem for easy viewing, but also includes fingertip buttons at the handgrip so you have ultimate control of the bike on any terrain
  3. The latest in Lithium-Ion battery technology with unmatched energy density providing long range and super reliability over the years during recharging.

In the Performance Line, two Drive Units are available for selection: The Drive Unit Performance Cruise enables sporty assistance up to 20 MPH. The Drive Unit Performance Speed supports up to 28 MPH.

The difference is the technology behind the new modern anthracite-coloured design of the components. The improved drive system with more powerful electronics and a low-vibration motor as well as low volume and weight, convinces the rider. The optimised 3-sensor concept take measurements 1,000 times per second with maximum precision for optimal power tuning and a new, unique riding experience. The optimal balance of performance and range is also a matter of pure enjoyment.

Designed in anthracite-color in accordance with the Performance Line, the new cycle computer Performance presents itself as the control center of the eBike. It features simple and intuitive operation through the separate remote control.

Switching between the five riding modes, plus walk assistance, and look up information such as speed, charging state, distance and much more could not be easier.

Even when removed from the ebike, the computer remains a useful information tool that makes it possible for you to retrieve all your tour data.

The new PowerPacks are batteries with unmatched energy density.

The battery management system offers optimal protection against overload, under voltage, overheating and short circuit, and it also increases the long service life of the Power Packs.