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HP Velotechnik
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HP Velotechnik Spirit
Our Price: $2,235.00
HP Velotechnik GrassHopper FX
Our Price: $2,895.00
Get the Spirit! Discover the new Spirit recumbent from HP Velotechnik. Indulge yourself with the new Spirit. For too long cycling has been perceived as difficult and stressful. Nowadays people expect more. The evolution reveals: A small change of your posture can lead to a boost in performance and comfort. Whether you like to enjoy cycling your favourite slope in the hillside, excercise your body on a fast course or commute on the way to work - lean back, relax, and enjoy your bike with a view. GrassHopper fx – the foldable touring recumbent by HP Velotechnik. Time for refreshing new aspects. The GrassHopper fx brings action into the cycle world. For a long time bike riding meant one thing: hump up and step downwards. The GrassHopper fx accelerates forward, suspends downwards – and folds to the side.
HP Velotechnik Speed Machine
Our Price: $2,895.00
The Speedmachine is faster, more efficient and more comfortable than you would ever have thought possible. It's an ergonomic machine dedicated to absolute speed.