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Stromer ST2, Stromer ST1 Electric Bikes - Stromer ST1 Platinum & Stromer ST1 Elite - Stromer Setting the Standard for Years!

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Stromer ST1 Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes of NE was chosen for this special Stromer Award for our dedication to the Stromer brand. As one of only a few of Stromer's Premium Partners, located just a short ride from Boston we provide riders in New England and around the country the top quality service that enthusiastic Stromer customers have come to expect.

With Stromer being the most advanced electric bike brand in the market year after year, Electric Bikes of NE is proud to receive this distinct recognition. You can trust us to provide you a Stromer Electric bike with best value and service anywhere in the country.

You can count on our family business to be compassionate and help you select the best Stromer model without any hard sell sales pressure.

Stromer Electric bikes are important investments that help people make lifestyle changes, whether commuting to and from work or just spending time outdoors enjoying a long range ride with plenty of power and range to get you there and back.

We want to thank Stromer for recognizing all the hard work we put in to help our Stromer customers realize those goals. Call us today and we can help you too! Thank you, EbikesofNE.
Stromer ST1 Electric Bike
Stromer ST1 Electric Bike Motor
The Stromer ST1 is equipped with a brushless, direct-current motor in the rear hub, which is powered by the battery. Since Stromer ST1 motor is fully integrated inside the hub, the only mechanical contact occurring within is between the industrial ball bearings, resulting in an ultra-efficient and virtually maintenance-free system. During an average ride on the Stromer ST1, the bike’s energy consumption is less than a single kilowatt hour per 62 miles ridden.

The powerful Stromer ST1 motor is available in two configurations: The Stromer ST1 Elite with a 9-Speed configuration for meeting the requirements of high-torque ride applications like climbing or payload towing, and Stromer ST1 Platinum with a 27-speed configuration which delivers the Stromer ST1’s maximum speed of 28 mph while making short work of variable terrain.

Choosing the right Stromer ST1 Model is easy. If you prefer relaxing rides in the in the city or out on open rural roads with smooth and energy efficient ease and the powerful torque to flatten those steep hills, the Stromer ST1 Elite is probably the right fit. If you want an electric bike that can handle every topography, with optimal speed and power, then the Stromer ST1 Platinum is your best choice.

The Stromer ST1 Platinum and Stromer ST1 Elite Electric Bikes are recognized as one the best Electric Bikes on the Market today.

Stromer St1 BatteryStromer ST1 Drivetrain

Stromer St1

Stromer ST1 Console

Stromer ST1 Electric Bike

Stromer ST1

Stromer ST1 Bikes

Stromer ST2 - 2015 Interbike e-Bike of the Year Winner - Click Image to place your ST2 Order

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The Stromer ST2 is completely redesigned and the ST2 battery is not backward compatible with the Stromer ST1 models due to its size and configuration.

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