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Interceptor | Electric Cruiser Bike

$2,995 – $3,690

The electric bike that has it all — combining beach cruiser comfort and style with breathtaking performance and user friendly features.

Interceptor Models

Popular Interceptor Models

Platinum Interceptor | Premium Electric Cruiser Bike

$3,795 – $4,490

The electric bike for those who refuse to settle for less – making America’s best selling electric bike even more lovable with new premium upgrades.

Interceptor Models

Pedego Platinum Interceptor

City Commuter | Electric Commuter Bike

$2,995 – $3,295

A complete package with everything you could possibly want in an electric bike — all in one place for a reasonable price.

City Commuter Models

City Commuter Models

City Commuter | Black Edition

$3,795 – $4,095

An electric commuter bike with no compromises – fully loaded with practical features and all the premium upgrades you could ask for.

City Commuter Models

City Commuter Models

City Commuter | Mid-Drive Edition

$2,995 – $3,295

The popular City Commuter – now available with a powerful mid-drive motor featuring a twist-and-go throttle.

City Commuter Models

City Commuter Models

Trail Tracker | Electric Fat Tire Bike

$2,495 – $3,595

The monster truck of electric bikes — it can go places and do things that no other bike can.

Trail Tracker Models

Pedego Trail Tracker

Boomerang | Low Step Electric Bike

$2,295 – $3,690

The most accessible electric bicycle ever — making riding more fun and easy for everyone.

Boomerang Models

Pedego Boomerang Models

Comfort Cruiser | Electric Comfort Bike

$2,295 – $2,795

The original Pedego Electric Bike — with new improvements that make it even more fun.

Comfort Crusier Models

Pedego Comfort Crusiers



The Elevate will take you to the highest heights – sporting premium components, cutting edge technology, and fine-tuned frame geometry.

Ridge Rider | Electric Mountain Bike


The ultimate electric mountain bike – giving you the freedom to venture off the beaten
path and enjoy the great outdoors.

Ridge Rider ModelPedego Ridge Rider

Stretch | Electric Cargo Bike

$3,595 – $3,895

The electric bike that delivers the goods (literally) — empowering you to haul people and stuff with ease!

Pedego Stretch ModelPedego Stretch

Latch | Electric Folding Bike

$2,695 – $2,995

An electric folding bike like no other – it rides like a dream and easily folds in about 30 seconds.

Pedego Latch ModelPedego Latch

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