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The Pedego Bike City Commuter model is the perfect mode of electric bike transportation for people needing a quality electric bike to travel to and from work and up and down hills with ease and reliability. This Pedego Bike combines smooth lines with a quiet, dependable Pedego bike motor located in the bike’s rear hub. Choose from two Pedego bike power options, either 36V or 48V Pedego bike motors in both men's frame and step through models to meet all your possible commuting needs.

Pedego Bikes City Commuter Pedego City Commuter

A powerful design, the Pedego Bike Comfort Cruiser was designed from the ground up to be an electric bike. Everything from the kick stand to the handlebars says “quality.” For total control this Pedego bike has an Avid BB 7 front disc brake provides just the right braking power. A 36-volt 10-amp lithium long-life battery is the lightest bike battery available and will provide thousands of miles of biking power. This standard battery on this Pedego electric bike will propel most riders 20 miles with no pedaling!

Pedego Bike Cruiser Pedego Bike Cruiser Men's

These Pedego bikes were designed for use by police departments, the Pedego Interceptor fuses the cool, comfortable designs of our regular Pedego Comfort Cruiser with the power of a 48 volt electric drive system. What does that mean for you? Increased torque and power for those individuals who desire extra help getting up hills with the assist of an Pedego electric bike.

Pedego Bike Interceptor Pedego Bike

With its 7-Speed Trail Tracker electric bike and 5 levels of pedal assist, Pedego has created the Abrams tank of electric bicycles. Big and burly, the Pedego Trail Tracker doesn't only subvert the image of power-assist bicycles as transportation for the lazy or infirm; the Pedego Trail Tracker plows it into the ground. Designed as a heavy-duty, zero-emission off-roader, with monstrous 26-inch Spider Tires and 4-inch treads, the Pedego Trail Tracker Electric Bike is so named for its dirt capabilities, but it's equally at home on sand, grass and pavement.

Pedego Bike Trail Tracker