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Hi-Speed Electric Bikes These hi-quality Electric Bikes all have a top speed of 28 MPH with hard pedaling. If getting to your destination is an important feature, browse this selection of e-Bikes and rest assured that you won't be late for work or your next appointment!

One of the most common questions from customers is how fast will the bike go.

Whether you are commuting to work, running errands around town or enjoying a weekend ride, you won't be disappointed.

Let us work with you to match one of these hi-speed rides into your lifestyle.

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Currie IZIP Dash Stromer ST1 Platinum / Stromer ST1 Elite Stromer ST1 Platinum / Stromer ST1 Elite Raleigh REDUX iE
Currie 2017 IZIP E3 DASH
Our Price: $2,499.99 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
Stromer ST1 Platinum Top-Tube (2016)
Our Price: $3,499.00
Sale Price: $2,999.00 | No Sales Tax | FREE Shipping |
Savings: $500.00
Stromer ST1 Platinum Step-thru (2016)
Our Price: $3,499.00
Sale Price: $2,999.00 | No Sales Tax | FREE Shipping |
Savings: $500.00
2017 Raleigh REDUX iE
Our Price: $3,099.99 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |

This is the 2017 IZIP E3 Dash, a stunning high performance 28 MPH electric bike with super quality specs and great value.

Built to go fast: A powerful motor, aggressive riding position, and speed-focused components make no compromises. The downtube-mounted lithium-ion battery pack not only looks sleek, its low center of gravity helps the bike handle better, and its 48V high capacity design means better efficiency for all day riding.

Includes the Currie Electro-Drive® center-drive system optimized for high speed,. The centrally-mounted LCD shows speed, distance and time in addition to controlling the hybrid assist. A remote button pad lets you operate the system without taking your hand from the bars.

Stromer ST1 Platinum, men's style frame. The ST1 Platinum has a 30 MPH Top End Speed and has outstanding acceleration with it's powerful 500W motor and great range with the 14.5 AH Lithium-ion battery. This super star electric bike is the perfect choice for the ultimate bike enthusiast.

The performance, range and state of the art technology will meet every expectation any top level rider may have. The Stromer ST1 Platinum is available in a 16.5" or 20" frame size in flat black, glossy white or a hot red color that will turn heads as you blow by other riders.

The handle bar mounted Stromer ST1 computer LCD display has every conceivable data point that you could possibly ask for, including the rate of regenerative braking as the battery is being recharged.

The Stromer ST1 Platinum step through style frame has all the same performance specifications and color options as the men's frame, including 30 MPH top end. The ST1 Platinum step through is available in a 16.5" size frame to appeal to smaller size riders or those who prefer the easy access and benefit of no top bar.

Just like the ST1 Platinum men's frame style, the ST1 Platinum step through style electric bike has a choice of a Carbon Ridgid front fork or you can opt for the high-tech SR Suntour Suspension front fork if you prefer to have the feel of adjustable front suspension as you ride.

The Stromer ST1 Platinum step through is the perfect choice for those riders of smaller size who demand the top performing electric bike on the market today.

IN STOCK NOW! - This is the 2017 REDUX iE, a HI-SPEED 28 MPH center-drive electric bike from Raleigh with a concealed battery in the downtube.

Features a new compact high torque BROSE center-drive system with battery integrated into the downtube. A hi-speed bike that gives a great combination of strength, load capacity, and the ability to soak up uneven roads at speed.

Shimano hydraulic brakes plus Schwalbe Big Ben, 27.5 x 2.0” tires and Alex MD21 rims are just some of the premium parts used to boost performance.

Stromer ST1 S Bulls OUTLAW E45 Bulls SIX50-E-2-STREET Bulls LACUBA-EVO-E45
Stromer ST1 S (2016)
Our Price: $3,999.00
Sale Price: $3,299.00 | No Sales Tax | FREE Shipping |
Savings: $700.00
Bulls OUTLAW E45
Our Price: $3,499.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
Bulls SIX50 E 2 STREET
Our Price: $3,799.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
Our Price: $4,299.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |

Another standout performer from Stromer. The Stromer ST1 S, perfectly matched with the Schlumpf Speed Drive System for those looking for a more sporty ride.

The ST1 S, in a sporty green finish, is available with a 17 or 20-inch sport frame and benefits fully from the ride comfort of the 18-gear Speed Drive System by Schlumpf delivering an even more sporty ride.

Perfect eBike for Commuting - Bulls OUTLAW E45

Outlaw E45, the fast and lightweight hardtail, allows a rider to cruise from the home trail up to extended rides. With the all new SR Suntour ATS rear-wheel drive system equipped with a torque of 80Nm and 500W power motor, the rider can go up to 28mph in speed.

It is the ideal eCROSS bike for long commute that comes with great comfort and stable handling.

A 28 MPH Road Machine - Bulls SIX50-E-2-STREET

Electric off-road mobility meets practicality. When comfort and sportiness come together, you’re left with an eBike experience that leaves you wanting more and more.

The all-new Six50 E 2 Street is the perfect bike for anyone interested in getting an eBike for leisure riding but also wants a trail-ready bike.

Perfect eBike for Commuting - Bulls LACUBA EVO E45

Reliable, comfortable, and powerful are just a few words that describe the new BULLS LACUBA EVO E45.

This speed pedelec (28mph) is updated to be faster and even more relaxed than ever. It accommodates a high capacity 650Wh battery elegantly in the frame that can be removed when charging.
Our Price: $5,099.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
Our Price: $5,699.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |

BROSE powered, full suspension and 28 MPH top speed - E-STREAM-EVO-45-FS
Torque, speed, and elegance were finely balanced in the making of the E-STREAM EVO 45 FS. Propelled by a light, compact, and extremely powerful BROSE motor you will receive pedal assist speeds up to 28mph.

A Great 28 MPH Road Machine, perfect for that long commute - Bulls SIX50-E-2-STREET

With the Dail-E Grinder, there are no more excuses of taking your car to work or run errands.
Thanks to the support of 350W Bosch motor with its strong performance of up to 28mph with pedal assist.