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No matter how you ride, IZIP has a fun, fast, and efficient eBike for you. We’ve carefully designed each bike to ensure that it has the best technology and components for its purpose. We offer three different drive systems: the new Bosch system to deal with different off-road terrains and endless climbs. The Currie Electro-Drive® system to tackle hills and endure long rides.

The smooth speed of the Shimano STePS drive system to fly through city streets, or a comfortable bike to give your weekend rides a fun boost. You’ll find an IZIP eBike that has been specifically tailored to provide you with the best ride possible

As you commute to work, you will flatten hills, breeze past traffic, and cut your commute time drastically. Just one ride on this bicycle, you will find yourself saying, “Park the car and take the IZIP.”

NEW for 2017, the IZIP Peak+, Peak DS and Sumo feature the Bosch Performance CX mid-drive system for outstanding off-road enthusiasts.
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Currie IZIP E3 SUMO Currie IZIP Dash Currie IZIP Zuma
Currie 2017 IZIP E3 SUMO
Our Price: $3,099.99
Sale Price: $2,799.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
Savings: $300.99
Currie 2017 IZIP E3 DASH
Our Price: $2,499.99 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
Currie 2016 IZIP E3 Zuma
Our Price: $2,099.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |

This is the 2017 IZIP E3 SUMO, a Fat Bike with a BOSCH CX Performance Line center drive motor for high performance and great balance.

Adding the BOSCH CX Performance Line center-drive motor to the 2017 IZIP Sumo is a welcome change that will let the Sumo compete with any Fat Bike on the trail or any other terrain for that matter.

This is the 2017 IZIP E3 Dash, a stunning high performance 28 MPH electric bike with super quality specs and great value.

Built to go fast: A powerful motor, aggressive riding position, and speed-focused components make no compromises. The downtube-mounted lithium-ion battery pack not only looks sleek, its low center of gravity helps the bike handle better, and its 48V high capacity design means better efficiency for all day riding.

Includes the Currie Electro-Drive® center-drive system optimized for high speed,. The centrally-mounted LCD shows speed, distance and time in addition to controlling the hybrid assist. A remote button pad lets you operate the system without taking your hand from the bars.
Step-Thru or Top Tube styles to choose from...

This is the 2016 IZIP Zuma, awesome beach or everyday cruiser in colors to match everyone's taste.

Beach cruisers are classic bikes for a reason. They're simple, comfortable, stylish, and really fun to ride. They're also heavy and sluggish. Try riding one up a hill and you'll know why they stress the word beach. Enter the IZIP E3 Zuma.

We took all the things you love about that old cruiser you have in the garage, then added just the right amount of electricity to make it awesome.
Currie IZIP E3 Peak Plus Currie IZIP E3 Peak DS Currie IZIP Path Plus
Currie 2017 IZIP E3 PEAK PLUS
Our Price: $2,999.99 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
Currie 2017 IZIP E3 PEAK DS
Our Price: $4,099.00 | No Sales Tax - FREE Shipping |
Currie 2017 IZIP E3 Path Plus
Our Price: $2,299.99 | No Sales Tax - Free Shipping |
This is the 2017 IZIP E3 Peak Plus, get ready to attack any off road trail you can think of...

The IZIP E3 Peak is a trailblazer in all senses. Adding the BOSCH CX Performance Line system with its ultimate reliable German engineering will make the IZIP Peak+ one of the most popular bikes on the trail in 2017.
This is the 2017 IZIP E3 Peak DS, similar to the Peak Plus, but upgraded components and Full Suspension also.

The Power/torque of the BOSCH mid-drive makes a difference, and the IZIP E3 Peak DS has it -- in spades.
We took everything that made the E3 Peak special and added in a full suspension 4-link frame, a longer travel fork, upgraded parts and made a veritable billy goat that will eat up trails and ascents and then bring you back down just as easily. Yup, great torque, great controls and software, outstanding ride quality going up or down and off road worthy parts.

Step-Thru or Top Tube styles to choose from...

This is the 2017 IZIP Path+, just a super everyday commuter or great for errands around town.

Shimano STePS center-drive system with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and Acera 1x9 gearing.

Designed for upright position pavement use with 20 mph top speed and 3 pedal assist levels.